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S.H.R.I.S. Scarab by JSA-Arts

I cannot help but be astounded by that piece of art. The sheer awe from the feeling of immensity that thing gives me, makes my hair sta...

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Fotis Manos
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
It's all in the 'Interests', really. I'f you wanna know more I'd love a chat.
1) What gender are you?
~ Male.

2) What is your age?
~ 28

3) Do you want a hug?
~ Uhm, ok..

4) Do you have any bad habits?
~ Some

5) What is your favorite food?
~ Meat. And don't hold back on the spices!

6) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?
~ Dark Chocolate

7) Are you a virgin?
~ Nope

8) Have you killed anyone?
~ Lol, not yet!

9) Do you hate anyone?
~ Politicians

10) Do you have any secrets?
~ who doesnt?

11) What is your favorite season?
~ Fall

12) Who is your best friend(s)?
~ All of them

13) What are your hobbies?
Playing the bass, Music, Movies, Reading, Writing, RPGs, Internet, Photoshop, Basketball, Volleyball, Billiards, Bowling, Chess, ect...ect....

14) What is your favorite drink?
~ Bourbon

15) When is your birthday?
~ March 26

16) What age did you die?
~ I.. can't remember anymore...

17) Are you nice or mean?
~ Nice, mostly

18) Are you social or shy?
~ Social

19) What do you think of your parents?
~ Good stuff I guess.. :)

20) What's your weakness?
~ Seeing others being treated unfair.

21) How long can you stay under water?
~ roughly 20''

22) What do you do on a regular day basis?
~ Wake up, kiss my girl, go to sleep. In the time between, any of the following: sit on the laptop, check my online games, Bass practice, play pc games, check the ads for a job opening, do one of my hobbies.

23) Do you love someone?
~ yes

24) When was the last time you wet yourself?
~ I have no memory of such thing, so I guess at a pretty small age

25) What's your favorite band?
~ Grand Magus

26) Ever worn a dress?
~ Lol, no. No tux either.

27) Willingly?
~ [-]

28) What do you consider fun in the day-time?
~ GoTo: [22]

29) At night?
~ catching up on my series, online/pc games, kissing my girl, ...

30) Ever kissed anyone?
~ Yup.

31) ...Of the same gender?
~ no..

32) It's clear you're gay.
~ Is it, now? xD

33) What's your favorite thing to touch?
~ My girl's skin.

34) Anyone loves you?
~ yes.

35) What's your favorite color?
~ None on its own. but i love anything with a Black base and Red details.

36) When was the last time you cried?
~ Few weeks ago          

37) Do you have a pet?
~ No, sadly. But I did have a canary, a few parrots, a hamster and a rabbit. And I love dogs. Big dogs, not the small samples of a dog people call pets..

39) Are you crazy?
~ Sure!

40) What are you?
~ Curious, creative and obsessed with fixing anything broken.

41) What´s your nickname?
~ Dagnir

42) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
~ Happy

43) If you were a VILLAIN, you'd be...?
~ A Hitman

44) Favorite movie?
~ SO MANY!! But if I have to pick one, Lord of the Rings..

45) What is your current occupation?
~ Unemployed since 2 years when I graduated college.

46) Who do you know that bugs you?
~ Bugs mostly, I was lucky with people I know..

47) What's your favorite song?
~ Again, SO MANY!! Idk.. You pick one from Grand Magus.. :P I guess 'Like the oar strikes the water' stands out.

48) Do you consider yourself a warrior?
~ Yes, although I didn't have a chance to test myself in real combat, only in training..

49) Have you 'done it' in the past month?
~ Duh

50) Ever think about getting married?
~ yes

51) Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?
~ Sleepover, yes.
"Sleepover" *wink wink*, no.

52) When was the first time you did it'?
~ Years ago

53) Do you have any piercings anywhere?
~ No.

54) Favorite hang-out spot?
~ Anywhere with friends

55) Where do you like to eat?
~ Anywhere with great food. That can be my place sometimes.. :)

56) Do you like video games? If so, which ones?
~ RPGs mostly, fantasy based or otherwise

57) Favorite article of clothing:
~ Jeans..

58) Final question. Who do you tag?
~ Tagging should be illegal.. :P

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Yes,i use many program and plugin for edit :)
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My father was born in Istanbul and getting to see how beautiful it is always gets me smiling...

Thank you for that
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